Types of Car Insurance You Should Know

It could not be denied that some people may pay much attention to their insurance coverage until they have been into an accident.  In fact, some people have car insurance but don’t know what the coverage.  Before you go to any insurance company and register, it’s good if you get yourself familiar with the different kinds of car insurance that you’ll have a background what are the kinds of insurances that would fit your needs. 

Types of car insurance:

Collision Insurance.  This kind of insurance covers payment of repairing your car after an accident.  This is actually a requirement for cars which are still under instalment or under loan because it means that the vehicle is not still yours.  It belongs to the bank of financing company. If you are more curious about car insurance pricing then you can learn more about it on ftini-asfaleia-autokinitou.

Liability Insurance.  This kind of insurance pays for third-party personal injury and death-related claims.  It also pays for damage of another person’s property as a result to your mobile car’s accident.

Comprehensive Insurance.  This kind of insurance pays for damage incurred when your vehicle incurs lost of parts by thieves, being vandalized, fire, or water damages.

The above-mentioned are the basics which are usually required types of insurances.  However, you can still add more insurance coverage if you can afford to have one.  What are these insurances?

Medical Payments

This is purposely for protection:  This type of insurance pays the cost of medical bills for the insurance policy holder as well as passenger however if you have other medical/health insurance with wider coverage, this may not be necessary.

Towing:  This coverage pays for a tow if your car cannot be driven after an accident. 

Rental:  This type of insurance are great for vehicles for rent.  However, because it is earning or being used in business, it insurance cost is expensive compared to the regular ones.