Missouri Duck Hunting And The Essential Gears

Duck hunting undoubtedly is one of the challenging hobbies of people in Missouri.  Not just in Missouri but also in the neighboring states.  Many duck hunters are coming to Missouri during hunting season just to be drawn into the open with rod and gun.  For them, duck hunting is such a mixed of mystery and drama.

Essential Gear


When you are still a beginner in Duck Hunting and you are not familiar with what gun to use, any general-purpose shotgun 20 gauge or larger could be practically bought.  Moreover, a modified or improved cylinder is preferred.


In terms of ammunition, duck hunter should use non-toxic shots.  Steel could be a least alternative.  It’s just light to carry compared to lead.  Moreover, steel are proven to be effective at reasonable ranges. As to other choices of ammunition, you may use bismuth/tin, iron, or tungsten polymer.  They are all ballistically strong but with a steeper price compared to steel.


Missouri duck hunting won’t be successful if you lack necessary gears.  One should own a wader and its insulation should be first looked into.  It should have shell pocket and fit to the wearer for easy movement.  Take note that waders don’t have to be expensive.  They just have to be comfortable for the hunter.

Decoys come with weighted keels or water keels, a hollow chamber beneath the body that steadies the decoy in the water or even wind. 

Decoys help hunter attract ducks.  You can buy simple decoys and design it by yourself.  Make sure to avoid bright colors. Learn more about Missouri duck hunts on showmesnowgeese.


A nylon mesh bag with a strap could help you carry your decoys if you don’t have a boat.  A canoe can be used as it is cheaper than boats if you have already dozens of decoys to carry.