Major Skill English Lessons For Adults

Hopefully, the adults you’re educating are already literate in their native tongue and can read and write in it. If not, you’ll have to conduct some specific training for them on basic reading comprehension like phonics. Even those who speak a language with a different alphabet, such as Chinese, are taught Roman script at college. Then you’re not training children to read, or the mechanics underlying reading, as they learned in first grade. They’re only picking up on the quirks of English pronunciation.

Literary Treasure Hunt

If you could somehow obtain several free daily papers, english lessons for adults this is very entertaining, but you may be using other publications as much as each kid or couple receives the same one. Instruct them to locate a certain term to a query on a specific page.

Again, collaboration is preferable to competition in most cases. Everybody is scurrying through newspapers and examining pages for clues, which could be a lot of fun. They can also take turns suggesting what they should seek.

See who can locate and speak out a meaning for a certain term if they already have enough (British to English) dictionaries. Students might choose a word as an assignment for the rest of the class to discover and read. Use the dictionary’s aid to practice reading and accurately pronouncing difficult words. You may begin by reading (alone) through an interesting—but possibly challenging—article and selecting a few words to check up the lexicon.