Complete The Company Service With This Service!

Every businessman wants to set up a company and increase the number of companies they have. As a businessman, he must be familiar with Hong Kong city which is ranked as the number one freest economy in the world. Hong Kong is believed to be 25 years old as one of the easiest cities to do business.Hong Kong bravely imposes a 0% tax on foreign profits and foreigners can have 100% full control over the Hong Kong entity. Are you interested? You can do business and get started HK.

What Criteria Are For Establishing A Company In Hong Kong?

HK Startup offers all company formation services in Hong Kong. They make the process run smoothly. You can also experience developing strategies and core business services that you establish. You don’t need to hesitate to set up Offshore company in Hong Kong because there has a strategic location as the best gateway to enter the Chinese market. This service provides potential business owners with the opportunity to easily access one of the largest markets in the world.Criteria that must be considered:

  • First, you need to appoint a company secretary who must be a TCSP license holder.
  • Second, you must have a registered address in Hong Kong. Foreigners can be the only directors and shareholders of the Hong Kong Company.
  • Third, fill out the application form and tell us the name of the company of your choice. Then proceed to payment. You will be contacted by phone & email to confirm the details. After that, the 3e-Certificates will be ready in 1 day.