Allergic rhinitis – an overview

There are many allergens that tend to cause allergic reaction in the human body. And this condition is called hay fever or Allergic rhinitis. When the body responds to the allergens it will exhibit symptoms in the form of fever. In many cases, the pollens tend to act as the allergens. And the allergens will also get varied based on the season or the surrounding.


The symptoms of hay fever will be more common like that of a common cold. The victim will have running nose, they will be sneezing more often. They will also have a stuffy nose. Their eyes may also turn itchy in many cases. They will also gain dark circles under their eyes. They will experience frequent headache for no reason. They will also have excessive fatigue. In some extreme cases, the skin will also turn itchy.

Risk factor

Even though this is a mild health issue that can be treated easily, in some cases, it may lead to greater issues than they sound to be. Especially the people who tend to have the habit of smoking will get affected to a greater extent. The people who are working in the scent factories or chemical factors will also get affected severely. The condition may also get worse for the people who are living in the extreme cold region.


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