Singapore house cleaning – Life made easier with the best names

Singapore is a fun place to live, as life is full of everyday adventures. From mouth-watering street foods to heritage sites, this country serves people in every aspect. However, maintaining a spotless house can get difficult with the daily hustle. It is why the singapore house cleaning service is popular among the residents. Here are the top names that one can approach in case of any requirement.

  1. Domestic Cleaning Service by NTUC Income 

They are a trusted name because they offer long-term contracts every week. NTUC has been serving its clients since 1970, making them highly experienced after handling hundreds of clients for years. The employees have to undergo mandatory training and have a warranty policy for damage compensation.

  1. Whissh Home Cleaning Services 

They are adapting to the preferences of their clients and modern technology because they have a dedicated app for booking. They use products imported from Europe and are environment-friendly, child-friendly, and pet-friendly.

  1. Comfy Homes 

They are skilled in general housekeeping skills (both interior and exterior housekeeping). They are ready to carry out mundane chores, from laundry to mopping to linen changing. They offer spring cleaning services too if the clients wish.

professional cleaning service

What are the factors to consider? 

One should consider the following factors when picking a singapore house cleaning service.

  • Specialization of the company
  • Testimonials from previous clients
  • Insurance policy for covering any damage
  • The equipment and products used
  • The time of service and response rate
  • Rates

There are many good cleaning services in the country that help residents manage their time. Customers should keep the parameters mentioned above in mind while booking services.