Understand how to Select the Correct Belt Size

Your belt should be 1-2 inches longer than the size of your pants waist. So, if you wear a 40 in pants, you will need a 41-42 inch belt. You can also use your old belt to determine the size of your new belt. Measure from where you always buckle it to the other end of the strap then get the closest size to that. When purchasing a plate buckle, keep in mind that the throw distance from chape to hook adds to the length of your belt. Better try hand made belts hong kong, which may help you in buying belt that fits you.

If you adore a belt that is the wrong size or your size has changed since you purchased the belt, resist the urge to cut a hole in it with your pocket knife or kitchen scissors. It will be evident, and the belt will eventually break. Take it to a cobbler to have a correct hole created.

Dress belts should have a short tail end. When it is fastened, you only need a few inches of leather to the left of the buckle, long enough to tuck through the first belt loop or the loop on the belt itself if it has one. Choose and buy hand made genuine leat.

Casual belts can have a little more of a tail, but too long will still appear odd. Tails of military-style canvas belts with brass buckles which are traditionally docked all the way down to the buckle.